Une famille formidable (season 8)
A change of directions, Hostages, A return to our roots

Un film de :

Joël Santoni


Joël Santoni
Jean-Carol Larrivé
Laurent Mondy


Joël Santoni


Anny Duperey
Bernard Le Coq
Béatrice Agenin
Alexandre Thibault


TV series Comedy

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TF1 (France)
RTBF (Belgium)
TSR (Switzerland))




A Change of Directions

After years of all kinds of adventures, it had to happen: Jacques and Catherine Beaumont are retiring! Catherine makes the most of retirement by travelling to Balang-Balang in South-East Asia to devote herself to a humanitarian foundation created by Reine. Jacques has remained in Paris and is finding it hard to get over the death of his friend Richard. He believes that he can talk to his departed friend at the cemetery. He feels even more alone as Nourredine and Fred have moved to Burgundy. When Catherine and Reine return from Asia with little Sammaï, an orphan that Christine and Sébastien have adopted, they discover a new Jacques, who has been converted to feng-shui by the female life coach who he was introduced to by Audrey. Catherine throws out the intruding coach but when Richard’s ghost tells Jacques that he is leaving for good, Jacques sinks into a deep depression, forcing Catherine to take charge of the relationship. They decide to move to Balang-Balang to spend their retirement together and help the poorest members of society.


Jacques, Catherine, Julien and Reine arrive in Balang-Balang to work for the humanitarian foundation funded by Reine. Reine and Julien quickly begin a passionate relationship. Jacques catches them out and tries to warn Catherine, who doesn’t believe a word of it. They devote all their energy to the work of the foundation and refuse to listen to rumours that the region is overrun by rebels. The inevitable happens: an armed group takes them hostage !... In France, the rest of the family panics: Sébastien and Christine hide with Sammaï, while Nicolas and Jérémie rush to Asia to free their parents. Meanwhile in the jungle, the hostages make an escape attempt but are quickly recaptured by the rebels. Finally, a rescue operation is organised by the local Special Forces and the Beaumont family are free once again!...

A return to our roots

Back in France, Jacques and Catherine are finding it tough getting used to their status as new retirees, especially as fresh family crises are upsetting their peace of mind; with Julien’s relationship issues and Manon, Marie and Jean-Philippe’s threesome, everything is going wrong for the Beaumont family! Jacques and Catherine decide to join Fred and Nourredine in Burgundy to escape this family chaos. Even there, the Beaumont parents are caught up in problems: an inexplicable vendetta seems to hit them and Catherine’s new friends, a group of refugees from the former Yugoslavia, are threatened with deportation from France. In a short while, the whole family arrives, bringing with them their problems from Paris. All of the couple’s patience will be needed to sort out the problems in their new home village.

A TF1, TF1 International, Panama Productions, PM Holding, AT Production and RTBF co-production.

With the participation of the Centre national de la Cinématographie.

With the support of the Burgundy Region. 

With the participation of Télévision Suisse Romande (TSR).
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