Marge d'erreur (Margin of error)

Scénario :

Philippe Setbon & Serge Lascar, based on an original idea by Joël Santoni


Joël Santoni


Anny Duperey
Julien Crampon
Emilie de Preissac
Jean-Paul Bordes
Thomas Coumans


Psychological thriller

Run time:

92 mins

Broadcast by:

France 3
TV5 Monde




Rebecca (Anny Duperey), a lawyer, realises that the young man (Julien Crampon) that she has exonerated after a brilliant defence could in fact be the culprit of the murder he is accused of… and that he may be planning another crime. Rebecca’s personal enquiry leads her all the way to Belgium, where she crosses her ethical ‘red line’ when she meets Malice (Emilie de Preissac), a young police officer. An impulsive hot head, Malice leads her on a wild ride through Brussels.
Relentlessly haunted by fear and doubt, Rebecca goes to the bitter end of her investigation, while forming a tight bond with Malice who also wants to find out the truth about Kevin… The two women go through hell to ensure that justice is served.

Produced by Panama Productions
Co-produced by EuroMedia France
With the participation of France Télévisions
With the participation of the CNC
With the participation of Be-Films
With the participation of TV5 Monde