My two loves

Scénario :

Dominique Golfier


Régis Musset


Bernard Le Coq
Bernard Yerlès
Flore Bonaventura
Micky Sébastian



Run time:

94 mins

Broadcast by:

France 2




Barbara (Micky Sébastian), a journalist, is kidnapped in Corsica... Hadrien (Bernard Le Coq) takes off in search of his wife: he boards a plane for Corsica and goes to the place where she was last seen: a sheep farm on the coast that she inherited from her mother. The only thing is… Hadrien isn’t the only one looking for Barbara... He crosses paths with Emmanuel (Bernard Yerlès), who also claims to have been in a relationship with Barbara for the past 18 years! The two men, despite this peculiar situation, discover that Barbara was leading a double life. But there are more surprises in store for them… Amidst this duel, Juliette (Flore Bonaventura), an energetic teenager, shows up on the scene and is, as it would turn out, Barbara’s daughter, which is news to both men… Juliette is also dead set on finding her mom... This improbable trio will have to cooperate if they are going to find the disappeared woman they love…

Produced by Panama Productions
Co-produced with AT-Production/RTL-TVI
With the participation of France Télévisions
With the participation of the Centre national de la Cinématographie
With the participation of RTS
With the participation of TV5Monde
With the support of the Provence-Alpe-Côte d'Azur region