Une famille formidable (season 9)
Long live the crisis, The war of the chefs, All hands on stage

Scénario :

Joël Santoni
Dominique Golfier

Directed by:

Joël Santoni


Anny Duperey
Bernard Le Coq
Béatrice Agenin
Alexandre Thibault
Jennifer Lauret
Kamel Belghazi
Cécile Caillaud


Family comedy

Run time:


Broadcast by:

TV Breizh




Long live the crisis

The crisis catches up with the Beaumont family! While Jacques and Julien try to reconvert to organic products, Reine loses her fortune in the wake of a financial scandal and Catherine, deputy mayor of her village, must confront the outsourcing of a local factory... All the while, Nourredine is riddled with debt and attempts, with varying degrees of success, to hide a terrible secret... But the truth ends up coming out.

The war of the chefs

A textile factory in the village has moved overseas and Reine and Catherine get organised: they look for someone to take over the company before giving up on the idea in favour of putting on a musical featuring the plant’s former workers! At the same time, a genuine “war of the chefs” has disrupted the village: Jacques, who has been fired from Nourredine’s restaurant, decides to take revenge by opening a bed and breakfast that quickly develops into a serious competitor to his son-in-law’s operation...

All hands on stage

Catherine is tired of Jacques’ selfish eccentricities and allows herself to be seduced by François, the village’s new doctor. The Beaumont couple separates, and Jacques returns to Paris to set up a new restaurant with Julien and Jérémy. In the village, the show is starting to take shape, but the challenges are formidable; they give in and accept to transfer the show to Paris to ensure its viability... Jacques takes advantage of the move to try to get back together with his wife...

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