Une famille formidable (season 10)
The return of the prodigal son, Love under construction, The war of the queens

Scénario :

Joël Santoni
Dominique Golfier

Directed by:

Alexandre Pidoux


Anny Duperey
Bernard Le Coq
Béatrice Agenin
Alexandre Thibault
Jennifer Lauret
Kamel Belghazi



Run time:


Broadcast by:

TV Breizh




The return of the prodigal son

José, the son that Jacques had in Portugal with Lucia, some sixteen years ago, reappears in his life. After refusing to come see his father, who, busy with his restaurant, did not insist heavily enough to persuade him to come home, father and son are face to face once again…and they have to try to get along. José is brilliant, ultra-sensitive, unstable and always on edge… Jacques must try to make up for lost time, for better or worse...The situation grows increasingly complicated as José discovers that Catherine is leading a double life behind Jacques’ back. With Jacques in Paris, Catherine continues her affair with François in Noyers. And what François does not know, is that Catherine has reconciled with her husband, in Paris. A love triangle only works if everyone stays home. But Jacques decides to return to Noyers! Catherine finds herself torn between her husband and her lover…who become friends! During all this time, Patricia undergoes an operation to regain her hearing, but Julien grows nervous about the operation. Frédérique wins a gold medal at the Mâcon wine fair, her career is taking off and her heart too, as she falls for a renowned wine critic who also brings her a dose of celebrity… It’s truly the year where everything changes!

Love under construction

Catherine, through a stroke of luck, becomes the owner of the house owned by her father, Nono, where the family had spent many bucolic summers. A wonderful vacation is in store… or was her good fortune actually a curse? The house, which has fallen into disrepair over the years, has to be completely restored: no running water, no heat, no electricity... but Jacques has a plan. To bring the family closer together after a rough patch replete with crises and break-ups, why not do the repair work themselves?! With some elbow grease the family will be able to get the house back up and running, which would be a symbol of the family’s renaissance as well… on paper anyway, because in reality, between the Jacques’ domineering attitude, the infighting, the little domestic accidents and major catastrophes, they’ve got their work cut out for them! The situation is exacerbated by the couples’ turbulence: Catherine is still hesitating between Jacques and François; Fred finds her perfect mate in Tom Schaeffer, breaking Nourredine’s heart; Manon and Jean-Philippe decide to get married on a whim, adding to the already stressful event; and Jérémy gets back together with Héléna, after leaving her out to dry several years ago. Amid all these events Sébastien returns from Asia, totally obsessed with his new passion, Thai boxing, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves... In the end, the vacation is anything but relaxing!

The war of the queens

Reine, heart-broken after losing her son, tries to find an outlet for her sadness. The only thing that comes to mind is to run in the municipal election, against the incumbent mayor! The only thing is…Catherine is the deputy mayor of her friend Robert! But Reine seems ready to take on the challenge of becoming mayor and even shows no remorse in taking advantage of the mayor’s numerous slipups. Lavish spending to form a partnership with its sister city of Xi-Xi in Vietnam, a nervous breakdown following an amorous failure, a car wreck while driving under the influence…The mayor has more than one stain on his record. Reine can count on the support of strong allies, including the wine makers and shop keepers, such as Frédérique and René (who, naturally, fall in love with her...), who laud her ambition. At the same time, they defend the installation of wind turbines that spoil the beautiful landscape but would be an economic boon to the village. For Catherine, her friend Reine is changing for the worst. It’s the first time the two women have a falling out as Reine is vociferous against those that stand in her way. She grows distant with her family, and the bad spirit that is instilled around her is sure to lead to bad things...

Co-produced with TF1, TF1 D.A., EURO MEDIA France, AT-PRODUCTION, RTBF (Belgian television)
With the participation of TV BREIZH
With the participation of RTS (Swiss Radio and Television)
With the participation of the CNC
With the support of the Burgundy region